What we do

Code of ethics

We manage wealth. Our focus is in managing Exchange-Traded Fund ("ETF") portfolios that are designed to: (i) fully participate in bull markets to take advantage of the current economic environment; and, (ii) hedge against market corrections during bear markets to produce consistent, stable investment returns. We accomplish this with:

  • ​Risk management strategy tools we have developed to reduce the fluctuations and volatility of investment returns and time the market.
  • ​Investment management strategies designed to offer enhanced equity growth and income performance relative to your predetermined market benchmarks and investment perimeters. Such investment strategies combining market measurement and analytical techniques with assessments of current market trends and economic cycles to achieve the best return for you.

Our tailored investment strategies focus on matching your defined investment parameters with a portfolio style designed to meet your goals and objectives, risk tolerances and time frames. These strategies seek to achieve maximum investment returns rotating between market sectors based on technical and fundamental research. In addition, these investment strategy programs are actively managed using sector specific ETFs.

Whether your goalis to save for retirement, grow a college fund or earn extra income, ETFs can be a powerful addition to your portfolio. Similar to mutual funds, ETFs are diversified mixes of stocks or bonds that are managed by experienced professionals. The difference is that ETFs typically offer a few extra perks, including lower fees, tax benefits and the ability to buy and sell throughout the day as long as the market is open.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) combine features of mutual funds and stocks. With low overall costs, access to hundreds of companies and trading flexibility, ETFs can be a powerful addition to your portfolio.

Helping you meet your goals

As a fiduciary, the company has an affirmative duty to render continuous, unbiased investment advice, and at all times act in your best interest. To maintain this ethical responsibility, we have adopted a Code of Ethics that establishes the fundamental principles of conduct and professionalism expected by all personnel in discharging their duties. This Code is a value-laden guide committing such persons to uphold the highest ethical standards, rooted in the most elementary maxim. Our Code of Ethics is designed to deter inappropriate behavior and heighten awareness as to what is right, fair, just and good by promoting:

  • ​Honest and ethical conduct.
  • Full, fair and accurate disclosure.
  • Compliance with applicable rules and regulations.
  • Reporting of any violation of the Code.
  • Accountability.

To help you understand our ethical culture and standards, how we control sensitive information and what steps have been taken to prevent personnel from abusing their inside position, a complete copy of our Code of Ethics is available for review upon request.